Ancient Air

May 29, 2012

Join us at Idrawalot Gallery/Showroom for a Solo Exhibition with Ajka & HLG.

‘Air is what we all breathe and which surrounds our earth; the atmosphere’

In ancient times air was thought to be one of four elements composing the universe. It was cherished and worshiped. No…w the air is polluted with toxic waste and the airwaves are filled with hypnotizing multimedia-signals.

The ancient air was mystical, refreshing and pure, much unlike the modern…

With their first collaborative effort ‘Ancient Air’ – Berlin-based artists Ajka and HLG will showcase a collection of screen prints, heavily influenced by symbolism, surrealism and fantasy. They are hoping to refresh the collectively neglected symbolic literacy while stretching the imagination of themselves, and of the observer.

The exhibition is showing between June 7th – June 30th





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