This is a Sfinx Site. Do not be confused/alarmed. Everything is under control.

Last summer I visited my hometown, and to make a really long story short, here is what happened:

I was out in the woods, when I stumbled upon some scandinavian hieroglyphs and sfinxsmelling secrets. A nordic Shaman made a quick appearance, and he gave me a roll of scripture (that was lost in the Big Fire). The scripture talked about mysteries, star powers and the cosmic apocalypse. It made references to 2012, but the emphasis was on twentyten. 2010. The stronger of the two years. The key to preventing cosmic doom lies within 365 secret drawings. The Shamanic Tribe’s choice was a choice was a choice. But still they choose based upon geismo-illogical logic and physical proximity. It was NOT a choice in the traditional way. I guess it takes 24 years of spiritual devotion to fully understand the philosophical mechanics behind this decision, and that is time I don’t wanna spend. So I’ll just do what I’m told. Which means (at least) 365 drawings in one year. All drawings will be black on white. Maybe with one or five exceptions.

And here is what I’m told: I will recieve 365 energy canvases during the course of 2010. They will appear in my head, at random times. The SFNXstones invisibly placed around my aura will extract every milligram of energy, and then my brain will interpret them into a picturelanguage that most people will be able to understand. The interpretations will appear here, but not on a regular basis. This whole process needs to embrace unregularity and SFNXism thrives on randomness and not-knowing. The relationship between Nordic Shamanism and Egyptian SFNXism is still being discussed within the scientific community. But as for today, the truth will be seen only in the stars.

The instructions might change, nothing is set in stone.


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