Most SFNX-drawings will be up for sale. Some are gonna be important votives for equally important persons. The Sfinx-master told me that there are certain rules to follow. Every single drawing has to go for the same price. The sfinxy price is at the current pyramidical inflation €EAO’#. Shipping & Handling NOT included. Paypal is the only payment I accept. To add an element of mystery, the price might change, at any given time.

It goes without saying that these images are NOT allowed to be used by ANYBODY without written permission by HLG himself. I’m considered as reasonable and I have strong belief in DIY ethics. So if you possess a strong urge to use some of these images, there are simply two ways to go about it.
1. Buy the drawing(s).
2. Contact me and try to strike some kind of deal.

Disobey these rules, and karma will strike back. That is not a threat, nor a promise, but a magickal curse.

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